Viking Axes

What was the significance of the Viking Axe?

During the Viking age the axe was an essential tool which would be used for everyday activities by the inhabitants of Scandinavia. Since swords were expensive and much more difficult to forge than axes, this meant that the sword may be commonly used by Norse nobility however the axe was very much the weapon of choice for the everyday man. 

In modern times the Viking Axe has become a symbol of Norse culture, often being associated with the Vikings skill in battle and reputation as fearsome warriors.

The traditional viking axe designs were often characterised by the bladed edge of the axe or 'beard' extending below the butt of the axe head which optimised the weight for more manoeuvrability and also allowed for a longer cutting edge. This lead to the name 'bearded axe'. The other infamous design often used by viking warriors was known as the 'Dane Axe' which was a long range and devastating weapon most notoriously used by one brave Norseman during the battle of stamford bridge when he single handedly held off an entire english army. 

How are these axes made?

The axes that we make are all Forged by hand using our preferred high quality U8 steel to craft real artisan and unique products. All parts including the axe head, handle, engravings, etching are done by our team and no part of the axe is bought pre-made in bulk from suppliers of mass produced and low quality parts. 

When and request is received from a customer the axe is made to order and once completed the customer is notified by email with the tracking information. Each axe is fully functional and will be made sharp, unless the customer wishes to request otherwise. 

Custom Orders for Viking Axes

Since the axes are made to order the designs on our website can be modified to the wishes of the customer. If small changes to the design are required; such as custom engravings on the handle of axe head then please leave a comment in the notes section at checkout when placing the order with the instructions for the modifications.

If the customer wishes to have a new axe design made which is not currently displayed on our website then please send an email to; with the specifications of the design or a sketch showing the axe that you would like us to make.