Viking Seax & Knives

What is a Viking Seax?

In the Viking Age some kind of seax or knife was an indispensable every day tool for Vikings and everyday Scandinavians alike. It would likely have been carried on ones person at all times and would fulfil a variety of everyday tasks.

A 'seax' was a type of blade used by many Germanic people throughout northern Europe during the early middle ages. There have been seax found at many viking historical sites varying greatly in size and design, some were the same length as swords and were likely designed for warfare, whereas others were much shorter and would have been a handy tool and perhaps a sidearm in battle. A seax was traditionally a single edged blade which was worn on the belt with a horizontal scabbard where the sharp edge of the blade was facing upwards. 

How are our Seax & Knives made?

Our seax are all made by hand in their entirety with no parts or products being bought in bulk from mass produced and cheap quality producers. The seax are forged from high quality tool steel, usually U8 Steel, however for some of the larger models and swords spring steel is used. Please see the individual product descriptions for more information on which materials are used for each item. 

When a purchase is received from one of our customers each item is then made to order specifically for them. We aim to produce high quality and unique items which are sharp and fully functional as a tool. 

Custom Orders for Viking Seax

Since all of the seax & knife designs that we offer are made to order there is the possibility of making customisations to the design. It is common for customers to request custom rune engravings on the handle or blade, this kind of request can be made by adding a note to the order with the desired engravings on the checkout page. 

It is also possible for us to make a completely new design which is not already displayed on our website.  If you would like to place this type of custom order then please send an email to; with the specifications of the design or a sketch showing the seax, knife or sword that you would like us to make and we can make it happen. 

Shipping Information

All of the items for sale in this collection can be shipped worldwide at a flat rate. Shipping usually takes around 1-3 weeks time to Europe and North America and can be slightly longer to other parts of the world.