Ragnar Lothbrok Axe

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The Vikings were famous for using axes as their weapons of choice, this design is based on the traditional Norse bearded axe design. The 'beard' allows for the cutting edge to extend further down to allow a longer blade whilst keeping weight to a minimum. This Axe is made completely by hand and to a very high quality finish. It is not a decorative item and is sharp and ready for battle!

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Please be aware that these axes are custom made and require a lot of time a dedication to make. Each axe is made and engraved by hand and therefore many hours of work go in to each one. This is not a mas produced, cheap item, it is a quality product and quality takes time.

Production of these axes can take from 4-12 weeks high demand if none are already in stock. Please do not order unless you are happy with waiting this period of time!

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your order once you receive it and it will be 100% worth the wait!